OPEN A PRE-ORDER SHOP with Tallinn Dolls



  • Taking orders before productions helps You to finance the production. We know how hard it is!
  • Sharing Your products with customers before production helps You to get the best feedback from the market. These statistics help You to plan Your production for the next season.
  • Personalized pre-order shop for Your brand. An editable shop storefront and design concept blog to tailor your boutique to your brand. IT IS AS EASY AS IT CAN BE!
  • Editorial coverage across our website, social media channels, newsletter and P-O-P platforms.
  • Your pre-order shop could be embedded also and additionally to Your existing website. Learn more about that.


  • Starting a shop on Tallinn Dolls is FOR FREE!
  • Tallinn Dolls is ONLY taking orders before production and selling upcoming collections.
  • When You get an order You'll pay 20% commission for Tallinn Dolls. You will receive the payment in 2 steps: 50% before the production and 50% after the delivery. Please read the payments for designers.
  • Your product images must be up to standard before You open Your boutique. Read our photography guide for further details.
  • You are responsible for the delivery and communication with customer!
  • P-O-P has the right to ban You.

  • If You'd like further information before applying, take a look at our FAQ for designers and terms of designers.